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Digital Government - Transformation Best Practices

Exemplar case studies of Digital Government Transformation from across the Scottish public sector.

  • Setting a vision for digital transformation - Dundee City Council articulate a powerful vision for how their digital strategy will boost the local economy, while also playing a component part in an overall national transformation.
  • Planning a Transformation Roadmap - Aberdeen City Council offer a case study blueprint for how to translate this high level vision into a business transformation plan.
  • Building an Agile Skills Program - Registers of Scotland operate an advanced digital innovation agenda, achieved through agile development skills brought on from local capacity builders such as CodeClan.
  • Digital Service Design Best Practices - Best practices for linking Agile Development to Service Design to ensure new digital capabilities meet the needs of users, explained through webinar recordings from Dundee, Angus, Fife, Orkney and Renfrewshire Councils.
  • Cloud First Adoption - Migrating legacy government IT systems to the Cloud will act as a major accelerator for world class digital government transformation.
  • Citizen Single Signon - How North Lanarkshire Council implemented a ‘golden record’ of each citizen giving them the ability to access all the services they need through only one login.
  • Audit Scotland - Principles for a Digital Future. Scotland's Auditor lays out common sense best practices for ensuring digital transformation projects are successful and achieve value for money for Scottish taxpayers.

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