Transforming and modernizing Scottish education through nationwide Digital Transformation.

Learn.scot is our Innovation Accelerator for the Scottish Education sector.

A two-step process will first develop an industry roadmap to gather stakeholder requirements, and then launch an e-learning community platform at learn.scot designed to meet those requirements.

As explained in this blog, the core design goal is a ‘Virtual School’:

“a national online curriculum developed and delivered digitally in really simple, open-access websites, no passwords, no gatekeeping, just lessons broadcast daily on a website, join in if you can. Scotland has many superstar teachers who could deliver classes to the nation’s kids in a virtual school – we could get to know them as well as our own fantastic class teachers. Lessons could be live and recorded to watch later if children can’t get to them right away.”

Specific features will include:

  • Cloud Technologies – Utilize the latest technologies that make possible new learning experiences, such as Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams among many others.
  • Social Community Learning – Pioneer a peer to peer learning paradigm, reflecting the fact we learn from people and relationships as much as materials, and to facilitate integration across organizations encouraging route to work pathways.
  • Blockchain Certificates and Digital Badges – Encourage greater participation through techniques such as ‘Gamification’, awarding digital badges for progress steps, and certificates for completed courses. Develop an integrated, Blockchain-based ecosystem for credential recognition across Scottish education and business.

Download: 19 page PDF

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