How can Scottish SMEs make the most of G-Cloud?

What with the latest iteration of the £3.1bn govtech framework up and running, it is now even more crucial than ever that SMEs utilise the benefits that G-Cloud presents to them. Especially SMEs based in Scotland.

What do the stats show?

Unfortunately, the spend data for G-Cloud is not broken down regionally, but from our G-Cloud spend dashboard we can see that roughly £41m has already been spent by Scottish authorities through G-Cloud.

With a massive 62% of that spend being with SME providers, including two of our clients Commsworld and Microtech, this figure is only set to rise with the determined digital transformation aims of the region, such as the expected increase on ICT spending by almost 5% by 2021, Smart City goals and ambitious CivTech scheme. This is clearly showing a government that is committed to working with smaller business to develop its digital economy.

What are the benefits to being on G-Cloud for Scottish SMEs?

G-Cloud is scarcely a source of inbound leads but rather it acts as a more efficient procurement route for buyers. This benefits SMEs as they can spend less time nurturing deals and planning resources for a project that might be continuously delayed. On G-Cloud, the only limitation on how quickly you can start the work is how fast the call-off contract can be completed and signed by both parties.

To be accepted onto the G-Cloud framework suppliers must adhere to certain criteria and have relevant insurances in place. Being accepted onto the framework means in a sense that you are ‘government approved’. Your status as a G-Cloud supplier can then help you assert your credibilty with buyers.

As a Scottish SME, perhaps you don’t have the resources to be targeting both the Scottish public sector and the rest of the UK public sector. Your G-Cloud listing will allow you to have wider reach and exposure to any government organisations across the UK.

Tips for Scottish suppliers on G-Cloud

Just listing on G-Cloud 10 won’t be enough to get your name out there and catch the attention of the public sector though, even if it is one vehemently committed to its digital development. Here’s some ways Scottish suppliers can make the most of their presence on the G-Cloud framework:

  • Have a dedicated landing page on your website for the public sector – include a link to your G-Cloud listing and tailor the page to your target market.
  • Use the spend data – as we mentioned above, the data isn’t broken down by region, however, if you are targeting locally within Scotland, you can use our dashboard and search for the area you are hoping to target and see what authorities have been buying through G-Cloud. This will help you prospect and refine your target market, ensuring you don’t waste your efforts or resources.
  • Become part of the conversation- almost weekly on govtech sites there are articles covering various different digital projects or tech initiatives within Scotland. Perhaps there is an article you can comment on or a post mentions a problem your tech can solve? This is a great way to publicise your product without being too salesy.
  • Attend events – go to public sector tech events and network!

G-Cloud has arguably done more than any other framework to revolutionise the way public sector buys its digital and tech solutions. This is in part thanks to its relatively low barrier of entry and commitment to encouraging SME providers to sell to gov. Now in its 10th iteration and with 48% of the overall £3.1bn spend going to SMEs this figure can only go up as this version of the framework gives way to even more SME suppliers and innovative digital solutions.

About Advice Cloud:

Advice Cloud are a public sector procurement consultancy with over 80 years of combined experience in the sector. We work with both buyers and suppliers of govtech and civictech. G-Cloud is one of our biggest passions and successes. So far over £156m of G-Cloud business has been won by our clients. That is 5% of the total £3.1b spend! We can truly call ourselves G-Cloud experts. We offer a range of G-Cloud services to suppliers including listing and post award services such as G-Cloud Marketing and Sales support.

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