Juan Villamil, DWP CTO to keynote Pegasystems Edinburgh Customer Summit

Juan will share this experiences of building the DWP "Innovation Dojo"

Juan Villamil, Chief Technology Officer for the DWP, has been confirmed to present at the upcoming Pegasystems Customer Engagement Summit, at the Edinburgh Assembly Rooms on March 5th.

Juan will present along with speakers from Centrica and the StepChange Debt Charity.

The DWP Innovation Dojo – Making public services better

Juan will share this experiences of building the DWP “Innovation Dojo”.

Via his own Linkedin blog, he describes this innovation team and how it has a central purpose of building new digital services that don’t just meet users needs but delight them:

Our innovation team, known as the DWP Innovation Dojo, has been reimagining the future of citizen-first services by investigating emerging technologies, while being conscious of privacy-by-design and technology ethics principles.

Minimum Lovable Products

They encode this philosophy into an approach that utilizes agile principles, notably the rapid development of MVPs – Minimum Viable Products, but with the added objective of these iterations delighting their users: A “Minimum Lovable Product”.

This approach has produced a number of breakthrough innovations, including:

  • Blockchain-based payments messaging system – The Dojo team has built a new system based on blockchain technology that could be used with a network of financial institutions to provide real-time messaging without relying on batched processes, allowing the citizen to receive payments faster.
  • Omni-channel, self-service – Using a blend of artificial intelligence services in natural language processing, the Dojo team is building a proof-of-concept to handle queries currently processed manually by DWP in a seamless, omni-channel (web, telephony) fashion. This will take the volume out of the system and enable DWP’s existing employees to provide more personal attention to complex cases.

Describing his career in DWP, Juan highlights the extra challenge for technology innovation in the public sector – While purely commercial companies can move fast and break things, the impacts can be accepted; for services like social security they cannot, they can have devastating effects on people’s lives. So the unique challenge is to master the balance of this pace of technological innovation with this duty of care.

Pega Solutions for Scotland’s Integrated Health and Social Care Strategy

Handling complex cases using technologies like AI highlights the role of Pegaystems, and the potential their solutions offers Scotland and it’s ambition to pioneer a wholly integrated approach to Health and Social Care.

In 2016 the Scottish Government legislated to bring together health and social care in to a single, integrated system, with Integration Authorities now responsible for £8.5 billion of funding for local services, which was previously managed separately by NHS Boards and Local Authorities.

Early efforts to implement these devolved services are now underway, such as a comprehensive digital strategy.

It is the flagship program for the Scottish Government, reflecting the very heart of the SNP message that Scotland differentiates itself through a desire to build a more compassionate social security system.

In the recent Scottish Parliament Social Security Committee meeting (agenda document here) the opening statement from Shirley-Anne Somerville, provided an update on the Social Security Charter, how it enshrines a core value of human rights and sets a goal of applying those principles to bring real life value to those who will use the service.

The critical dimension is the ‘Integrated’ dimension of the objective – recent reports from the Auditor General highlighted how a lack of achieving this type of integration has held up progress thus far.

Achieving truly compassionate and effective social services requires joined up delivery from multiple organizations – Central and local government and also Third Sector organizations, but each typically implements their own ‘silo’, a standalone case management system.

For example Bon Accord, a Health and Social Care company currently has an active RFP for their own case management system, and there is a new one planned for the Criminal Justice system. These will be added to an existing estate of numerous case management systems already operated across local government et al.

Digital Process Automation

Pegasystems offers a dedicated suite of solutions catering to this type of requirement, under a headline banner of ‘DPA – Digital Process Automation‘, a holistic approach to transformation based on a foundation of dynamic case management.

This case study of ACSO highlights how their solution is used by Third Sector organizations, for social services such as supporting clients in, or at risk of, falling into the criminal justice system.

“With the Pega Platform, ACSO built OSCA, the first NGO client management system of its kind in Australia. OSCA has a secure centralized data system, meaning each client, on intake, tells their story only once. OSCA provides multiple agencies with a single view of each client, and key information is displayed on one screen in a new, simplified UI. Partners can access and update client information instantly, meaning no delays in service. Features like calendars with real-time booking and automated reminders ensure that clients are less likely to miss appointments.”

At their Customer Summit Pegasystems will demonstrate how Scotland’s Health and Social Care sector can also make use of these powerful capabilities and realize their goal of a digitally transformed, compassionate social system.

Bio – Juan Villamil

Juan is the Director of Enterprise Infrastructure and Production Operations at DWP Technology. He joined the department in May 2015.

Prior to joining DWP, he worked at BT where his last role was as Chief Technology Officer for BT Sport, with responsibility for the architecture, design and delivery of the channel’s technology.

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