Scottish Enterprise awards Target Architecture consultancy to Deloittes

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    Scottish Enterprise published this RFP for ‘Target Operations Model – Specialist Consultancy‘, which was awarded to Deloittes.

    There are essentially two main component parts to the requirements:

    • A standard business transformation exercise – Development of a future state ‘To Be’ target architecture and roadmap for how to get there.
    • A strategy for growing Scotland’s digital economy – This transformation is intended to achieve a major acceleration of Scotland’s economy, particularly through enabling more adoption of digital.

    In addition to the transformation consulting requirements a number of high level tasks identify the second part, notably Achieving greater economic, social and community impact with more clients supported to do more”, achieved through:

    • “Coherent and understandable products and services provided to businesses, resulting in substantially reduced administrative and business support management and overhead costs.
    • A set of recommendations and actions on how to integrate private sector delivery partners in the future such as Chambers of Commerce and Entrepreneurial Scotland.”

    and these are framed within an overall goal of:

    The Services must contribute to the achievement of Scotland’s Digital Strategy.

    The overall economic strategy the RFP is intended to realized is described in detail in this report – Enterprise and Skills Board: strategic plan.

    Headlined by Scotland’s productivity challenge, it lays out a plan for addressing the situation, in particular through enabling Scotland’s businesses to harness more innovative business models, achieved through greater adoption of technology and modern working practices.

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