A best practices community for Scottish Digital Government transformation

The Scottish Government has defined an inspiring, ambitious goal for the country to become a world leading digital nation by 2020.

A World-Class Digital Scotland requires a World-Class Digital Government.”Derek Mackay, Cabinet Secretary Finance and the Constitution.


However, research earlier this year from Civica identified an alarming reality gap between these high-level aims and the public sector charged with making them happen:

  • “57% of local government employees in Scotland do not believe the nation will achieve its digital vision by 2020.”
  • “Only 43% of local government workers believe the country will achieve its vision of being recognised as a truly digital nation by 2020.”
  • “only 19% of local government employees in Scotland believe their organisation has a clear vision for its transformation journey”.

Sharing Best Practices

Our community will document best practices for how to best address these challenges, sharing expertise for agencies to develop their own vision for Digital Transformation and become a component part of realizing the overall digital nation strategy for Scotland.

“Digital Scotland:

  • Has a public sector that operates on contemporary, digital, platform-based business models.

  • Is led by a government that “gets digital” and supports its staff to operate in digital ways.”