Editorial Agenda

Building a World Leading Digital Nation

The Scottish Government has defined an inspiring, ambitious goal for the country to become a world leading digital nation by 2020.

A World-Class Digital Scotland requires a World-Class Digital Government.”Derek Mackay, Cabinet Secretary Finance and the Constitution.

The purpose of DigitalGovernment.scot is a community knowledge base that supports achieving this goal, covering topics:

  • Digital Economy – An overall vision for the nationwide digital transformation of Scotland.
  • Agile Service Design Transformation skills and practices fusing Digital Service Design with Agile software development.
  • Cloud Adoption – A review of the Scottish Government’s Data Hosting and Data Centre Strategy, and a vendor showcase of major providers like AWS and Microsoft.
  • Digital Identity – Open standards and Identity as a Service platform design to enable integrated and seamless single My Account architecture.
  • Procurement and Project Management – Audit Scotland recommendations for successful digital transformation, based on analysis of prior failed projects and a round up of procurement and project management due diligence.
  • Open Government – Enabling develop innovations through open data and open source.